A note from Dr. Steve:

Chiropractic helps so many different types of problems due to two simple premises:

  1. The body is a self healing organism and can heal itself of any condition known to man kind.
  2. This can be achieved by removing interference to the master control system of the body (the nervous system) by aligning the bones of the spine with specific Chiropractic Adjustments. Adding proper rest, proper exercise, proper nutrition and nutritional support and a positive mental attitude will help support the corrections.

You too, can regain your health and vitality. Pain and symptoms are not normal. Covering them up with pills and medication only makes you worse in the long run.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what our patients have to say!

Mr. William Laurie “President of American Heritage School” Talks About His Experiences with Dr. Steven Schachters All Natural Chiropractic Approach To Regaining Health and Vitality. “Listen to his story, its fascinating!”

Mr. Robert Wilkerson describes how after prostate cancer and Chemotherapy, he had severe body aches through out the joints in his body. Desperate to find an answer he was referred to Dr. Steven Schachter. With Chiropractic care, nutritional support and proper exercises, Mr. Wilkerson has returned to pre cancer status. All his medical values are excellent. His medical doctors tell him to continue Chiropractic care and everything else he is doing because it is working! “Great testimonial. Listen to his story.”

Mr. Mark Moser explains how all natural chiropractic health care helped improve the quality of his life by eliminating his severe headache pain where traditional medical approaches failed. “This is powerful! I’m sure you have loved ones, friends and family who are suffering with this very complaint. They should hear this.”

Ms. Shea Hansen talks about how chiropractic care under Dr. Steven Schachter helped with severe neck pain that radiated pain into her hands after a sports injury. “Complete relief after just a few adjustments! Listen to hear her story.”

Zachary Hutelin (Guinnes World Record Holder For “Longest Bicycle Manual Wheelie”) explains how chiropractic care administered by Dr. Steven Schachter and amino acid nutritional supplements helped with his Dyslexia. He also talks about how chiropractic care helps when he has sports injuries, neck pain, knee strains and ankle sprains. “This ones truly amazing. Worth listening to!”


Mr. Carlos Lasprillo gives a testimonial on Dr. Steven Schachters Chiropractic approach to helping his low back and sciatic pain. “Great testimonial!”

Mr. Thomas Williams woke up with a stiff neck, came in for an adjustment and tells us how he feels.

American Heritage Patriots Sony Michel; 2013 Gatorade Player of the Year, 2013 5A High School State Champion, Overall 2nd Best Ranked Running Back in the Nation talks about the benefits of receiving Chiropractic Care from Dr. Steven Schachter

Chronic migraine headache suffer for 10 years receives major relief of pain after only 3 weeks of Chiropractic Care.